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Young-Scientist.in is offering online programs for children with interactive and engaging sessions.
Depending on the course you can expect hands-on activities, projects, experiments, case studies, etc.
Please register now since seats are limited.

These courses are expected to commence in April and May.
Courses for kids 6 to 10 yrs old

(1) Budding Scientist
Do fun STEM experiments and activities using simple household items!
Key concepts: Atoms, Human Body, Sound, Kitchen chemistry, Plants and Bubbles

Course fee: ₹2400/-

(2) Programming w/ Scratch
The easiest and fun way to learn coding. Specially designed for young kids. New projects every day!

Course Fee: ₹3600/-

(3) YS Paleontology Course
Learn about dinosaurs, fossils, volcanoes and the Earth's interior!

Course Fee: ₹1600/-

Courses for kids 10 years and above

(1) Electronics: Project-based Learning - 10 yrs & above
Learn to design circuits and build projects in electronics. There are two courses with unique project kit.

ELECT 2301, course fee: ₹2750/-
ELECT 2302, course fee: ₹2850/-
Includes kit. Free shipping to Chennai residents.

(2) Arduino for Beginners - 10 yrs & above
Learn to code and build electronic projects! Genuine Arduino hardware will be provided.

Course Fee: ₹5750/-
Includes kit. Free shipping to Chennai residents.

(3) Android App Development (using MIT App Inventor) - 10 yrs & above
Design your own apps using MIT App Inventor for android devices! This is a two-level course where you can create a new App in each session. Each level contains 8 sessions.

Beginner & Intermediate Level.
Course fee: ₹4000/-

(4) Programming w/ Python
Learn to code with the most popular programming language. There are two courses with unique projects.

Beginner & Intermediate Level.
Course fee: ₹4000/-


NOTE: Classes will happen online using Zoom or Google Classroom
Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the facilitator during the class.

Thank you for your interest and patience.

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