Call for Storytellers - Post-9/11 Monologues: Being Muslim in the US Post-9/11
Sixteen years after the events in New York, Philadelphia South Asian Collective (PSAC) in collaboration with National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA), is bringing communities together to discuss racialized experiences of Islamophobia and racism post-9/11.

We will prioritize submissions from Muslims of color, queer Muslims, fat Muslims, disabled Muslims, Muslims from US-occupied homelands, Muslims from any occupied homelands, and Muslims with marginalized experiences. Sikhs are encouraged to submit. Non-Muslims and non-Sikhs are welcome to submit, but reminded this is a Muslim-centered event.

Please submit a brief description of your ideas below. Only 10-15 stories will be selected. Each story should be 5-7 minutes in length. All formats are welcome: song, poem, slam piece, narrative, stand up, short story, etc.

MAX LENGTH: 5-7 minutes
LOCATION: a public park in Philadelphia, PA
DATE: Monday September 11 @ 5pm
ACCESS: location will be wheelchair accessible
TECH: wifi will not be available; speakers, mics, lighting will be available

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Although we plan to feature stories from across the diaspora, PSAC aims to de-center Indian, Hindu, light-skinned, cis, masculine, and upper caste experience. Given this, we would love to know how you describe yourself and your identity. Please note that identifying as any of the above will not prevent you and your story from being featured. *
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If you are not selected for the *main* staged event, would you be open to sharing your story in another format (ex: a Facebook post, web feature, or poster)? If "yes" or "maybe" are selected, we will contact you via email to chat more. *
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