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Developh began as a club exploring the technicalities of technology in 2016. Years later, we're immersed in answering the "should" and "why" of building, not just the "how". We're a community of intersectional technologists creating better futures for the Philippines. We run events, fellowships, collaborate, publish, and create as students, peers, friends, and technologists (loosely defined).

Presently, we gather, discuss, collaborate, and launch technology-driven projects around creation and contemporary social issues. We've run a Fellowship for creators, an accelerator for student founders, online festivals for musicians & artists, publish resources & critical tech discourse, and hold dozens of events a year hosting diverse creators to share their practices and work.

Our long-term goal is to launch a physical community space in Manila for technologists and creatives. We envision launching a press, hosting a library & exhibitions, and offering classes––constantly converging on community-created efforts.

Until we achieve that, we work from across the world to teach, produce, and create together. We run events, generate content, and collaborate on advocacy-driven projects together.

🌐 What you get access to:
– Our Discord, including members-only channels (#careers, #advice, etc.)
– Members-only and/or early access to  events, talks, content, and the Developh Library of resources
– Member portal and directory
– Mentorship access to student & professional mentors
– Opportunities to join and lead Creation projects for tech & advocacy


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Developh is a community that accelerates technology and experiences for social good.

We're founders, students, creators, developers, and designers invested in building and thinking about the technology that shapes us––and bettering how it could be. Together, we build projects, become lifelong collaborators & friends, and constantly learn and grow from one another.

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Note that community spots are limited; we'd love for you to be intentional and mindful in your answers – as hard as it is to reflect ourselves in words.
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