February 6th-7th, (Saturday - Sunday) 4pm – 7pm daily
This level is ideal for people who are new to chess. They know the basic rules like how the pieces move and what check/checkmate is and have played a few games, but have not studied different strategies and tactics.
We're going to focus on basic opening principles and strategy, basic chess tactics and basic checkmate patterns.

February 20th-21st, (Saturday - Sunday) 4pm – 7pm daily
This level is ideal for recreational chess players who are comfortable playing full games and know some basic opening principles, strategy and tactics. You know how to properly start a game and have no problem wining a game when you have a big advantage.
We're going to focus on main openings and how to play them properly, chess tactics (tricks to gain material advantage).

Coach: Woman International Master Agnieszka Matras-Clement, current Alberta Women's Champion, top rated female player in Canada and member of the Canadian National team.

Estimated schedule
Saturday: 4-6 pm - Lecture/teaching session, covering the material outlined for this level
7-8pm - Q & A session and simul (the coach will play on multiple boards against all the students
Sunday: 4-6 pm - Lecture/teaching session
7-8pm - Tournament

The camp will take place via ZOOM + Lichess (an online chess platform where we can play live games - it is free to join). Each participant will receive detailed instructions prior to the camp.
After the workshop, each participant will receive an electronic copy of the materials covered during the workshop.

Level 1 - $79
Level 2 - $79
Level 1 & 2 - $139
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