HatCat.io - Worker Invoice Form v2
This is an invoice for Matt Jackson to pay. You will be emailed a copy of your response to this form.

To request NFTs: Fill out HatCat.io/requestNFTs 
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Join the Discord
To be paid, we require freelancers to join our very active Discord server, then send a Direct Message to @mattyjacks


All payments will remain on the freelancer marketplace you were recruited from. If you were found on Fiverr, you will be paid on Fiverr. DO NOT MENTION DISCORD ON FIVERR! Although we have a good history of payment on Fiverr, their staff and moderation team does not like sharing of contact information. Our policy is to use Fiverr for payments only and not communication or delivery of work.

Thanks for your understanding.
Short Name
Many people with long names shorten their name. If you go by a discord alias, include that.
Invoice Status
Clear selection
Value of Money in USD
Description of Work and Hours
For example, if you did programming write "Programming HatCat KittenStudio Python Code, implemented dynamic polly voice engine, 3 hours" 

Be as descriptive as possible.

If you're putting multiple tasks in, provide a total amount of hours at the beginning of your response.
Full Legal Name
Discord Username
If your display name is different from your username, then include the display name in "quotes" after the username.
Other Contact Info
Fill this out with as many ways of contacting you as you feel comfortable with. Examples include Whatsapp number with country code, telegram, local phone number, alternative email addresses, website, and any other ways you can think of. This is so that if you're not responding to Discord messages and Matt needs you he can ping you to check discord.
Payment Method
PayPal and LTC are the two preferred methods.
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Crypto Litecoin LTC Address
WARNING: Copy and paste EXACTLY from your wallet. Be sure to use ERC-20 addresses, not TRC-20. Most wallets use ERC-20. If the wallet address is wrong by even 1 character, the money I send you disappears. If it's your fault, then the amount I tried to pay for your work still counts as paid, so you still have to work the hours or provide the service. Do not include any extra spaces or characters.
PayPal Email
I will pay Friends and Family for services already provided, and Goods and Services for services that I'm prepaying for.
If the invoice has been paid already, note the dates and amounts Matt has paid you, along with the payment method for each payment. If it's crypto payments please note the transaction ID, date, amount of crypto, and the value of that amount of crypto on that date. If you selected "Fiverr" as your payment method, include a link to your Fiverr profile.
HatCat Contractor Agreement *
Here is a link to the HatCat Contractor Agreement.

Terms are subject to change at any time, at the sole discretion of the client.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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