2020 Homeless Count Service Site Survey
The Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County is the coordinator of a federally mandated homeless count that occurs every other year. The 2020 Homeless Count will take place on Wednesday, January 29. During this single night, volunteers canvass the streets in groups of three or four and attempt to count every unsheltered homeless person in suburban Cook County. The results of the Count are reported to the federal government in order to secure funds for homelessness programs and create a baseline for continued efforts to end homelessness in suburban Cook County. The Count also helps to raise awareness about homelessness and barriers to housing in our communities.

If your organization regularly encounters people who are experiencing homelessness, we need your help the week following the Homeless Count. We know that despite our best efforts, we will not be able to identify all people experiencing homelessness over the course of just one night. This is why we need organizations who encounter people experiencing homelessness to complete a service site survey.

A service site survey can be administered by homeless service providers as well as community spaces like libraries, police stations and parks. Agencies that participate will receive a site survey form and directions in early January. Agencies are asked to survey every individual they encounter between January 30 and February 6 about where they slept the night of January 29. Please participate to help us accurately count all those experiencing homelessness in suburban Cook County!

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Spoden at katie@suburbancook.org or 708-240-9533
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