Employee Engagement
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1. My manager follows through with commitment *
2. I receive useful and constructive feedback from my manager. *
3. There is an atmosphere of trust at my company. *
4. Information and knowledge are shared openly at my company. *
5. My manager always addresses poor performance appropriately. *
6. My company has a clear set of priorities and objectives. *
7. People with different ideas are valued at my company. *
8. My manager values my contributions. *
9. It really feels like everybody is on the same team. *
10. I have a clear understanding of my company's strategic goals. *
11. I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of my company. *
12. Employees are given freedom and authority to make necessary decisions. *
13. My manager emphasizes cooperation and teamwork among members of my workgroup. *
14. Poor performance is effectively addressed throughout my company. *
15. My manager clearly defines goals and expectations. *
15. If you were CEO of your company what would you do differently? *
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