Phantom Bundle
In response to a recent influx of messages from members in regards to longer term memberships to ride out this bull season and then the eventual bear season behind it we have decided to offer an all inclusive bundle of our systems/auto traders/indicators.

~Bundle includes~

-Full Access to Phantom Premium Human Auto Trader
-Full Access to Phantom Automated Mega Buys
-Full Access to Phantom Indicator Package (Entire Catalogue of custom indicators)
-If you are on discord we will also promote you to premium discord role and get the high roller . (fancy new colour and some channels/servers you can access)

We understand we have members with varying capital and financial situations,
and because of this we have decided to place the price point at a level we feel would be welcoming for people who wish to stick with us and our trading on a longer term.

One Time Cost of $1500 - No monthly subs, no recurring memberships.

We appreciate this will not be for everyone, we have a very competitive entry price for our smaller entries of the Monthly / 3 Monthly. (Compared to others on the Cornix Marketplace) We are happy for these to continue, we just want to offer a bundle that will cater for people who can appreciate downtime in the market during chop/quiet times and focus more on a longer term growth, which we feel is more suited for our trading style.

We will also run a promotion along side this, if you have 5 new members sign up to the Phantom Auto Trader and use your username as the person who referred them. - We will grant you access to the Phantom Bundle.

Any questions, please contact Phantom for all the info you'll need.
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