Teaching Fellow Application: Life Sciences Outreach Spring Laboratory Program for High School Classes
In collaboration with the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, the Amgen Biotech Experience, and the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Life Sciences Outreach at Harvard enables graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to enrich high school STEM education while furthering their skills as educators by leading high school classes through a 3-hour educational laboratory experience. These classes visit the Harvard campus as part of the Life Sciences Outreach Spring Laboratory Program for High School Students.

Before proceeding, please read the full job description here: www.bit.ly/LSOSPRINGTFJOBDESCRIPTION

TF Duties & Responsibilities:

- Attend required trainings at the Science Center
NEW TFs must attend the Laboratory Content and Protocol Workshop on Tuesday, March 31st, 9:30A-11A, and ALL TFs must attend the High School Classroom Pedagogy Workshop on Wednesday, April 1st from 9A-12P

- Commit to teaching a minimum of 2 classes, being present from 9AM - 1PM, as follows:
At least one class during the week of April 7th or 14th
At least one class during the week of April 28th or May 5th

- Participate in a mid-program debrief meeting on Tuesday, April 21st from 9:30-11AM

Compensation: Hourly at a rate of $25/hour excluding workshop time.

Application Deadline is March 22nd
Applicant Information
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Laboratory or Harvard affiliation *
Position *
Graduate Student, PostDoc, Research Assistant
Being an LSO TF should not interfere with your daily commitment to your lab or program. We require all TFs to be transparent with their PIs or supervisors. *
Teaching Experience and Professional Goals
Briefly explain why you are interested in being a teaching fellow for the Life Sciences Outreach Laboratory Program for High School Students *
Please describe your experience teaching (formal or informal) and work with LSO or other high school outreach programs *
What do you hope to gain from a professional or career perspective by participating in this program? *
Are you interested in pursuing a Bok Teaching Certificate? *
Are you interested in being observed while teaching and receiving feedback? *
Training: As you know, the TF commitment requires that if you are new, you must attend a laboratory content/protocol orientation, and all TFs must attend the pedagogy workshop and the mid-program debrief meeting.
Availability for Laboratory Content & Protocol Orientation: Tuesday, March 31, 9:30A-11A *
Availability for High School STEM Classroom Pedagogy Workshop: Wednesday, April 1, 9A-12P *
Availability for Mid-Program Debrief Meeting: Tuesday, April 21st, 9:30A-11A *
Teaching Classes: You must teach a minimum of two classes: one in the first two weeks of the program and one in the second two weeks. The mid-program debrief on April 21st is positioned to help you surface issues and share strategies with other TFs. Please include as many schedule options as you have available during both parts of the program.
Our TFs learn from watching each other and have the opportunity to try teaching the same skill to different groups of students. How many classes TOTAL (including the two class minimum) would you like to teach? *
Please indicate your preferences/availability for teaching in the first half of the program (before the mid-program debrief): *
Please indicate your preferences/availability for teaching in the second half of the program (after the mid-program debrief). *
Finally, give us some insight into what you will be comfortable teaching. If you are new, don't worry, just attend the trainings and all will be well! *
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