Jolly July 2019 Artist Application and Agreement for VAWH Members

This application is for CURRENT members of VAWH - if you are not yet a member, please sign up before completing this form:

Jolly July at Pembroke Mall - from 12-6pm (Sensory Santa will be there at 11 am, so we must ensure "quiet" atmosphere from 10am - noon) Art Festival with music and entertainment alongside small business vendors.

This year we will be raising money for Virginia Beach City Public Schools System Beach Bags Program.
They have given out over 90,000 bags (of shelf stable food) discreetly to school aged children who are food-insecure since 2009.

Artists will have Wall and Table Space - if desired (see diagram) *Wall space requires temporary Command Hooks that will not damage the walls and are strong enough for your art. Space will be fairly divided among artists who would like to use it. We can share a tall ladder to set up, but each artist must anticipate timing for the "shared" ladder. If permitted, we will have chain-link fence sections for displaying art. These will be free standing and artists may display on both sides.

Set up will be the evening before the event (after the mall closes) and artists may need to bring volunteers to help set up and break down their items.

*Active marketing is the key to a successful turnout, and therefore, sales.


I will show/sell free at this event and donate 10% of proceeds to the The Beach Bags Program.
(Money will now be collected by Virginia Art With Heart Representative right after the event)

I will share posts on the Virginia Art with Heart page (esp. regarding sponsors and nonprofit)

I will become a co-host of the event on Facebook and personally invite people as soon as possible.

I will use the Facebook "cover" for at least the week prior to the event. (Longer is better)

I will set up the majority of my art in my designated space the evening before the event.

I will try to get volunteers to help set up and volunteer during this event. (we need at least 5 able bodies the night before and right after the event; and, at least, 10 responsible teens/adults during the event) Please have volunteers call Lori

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