Step 1: What Would Your Show Be?
Xerocraft Hackerspace has built a real-life Low Power FM radio station! The station is called KMKR-LP, K-Maker Radio, broadcasting on 99.9FM to the entire downtown area.

In spite of our 50W signal, we reach about 285,000 Tucsonans who live, work and school in the downtown and surrounding areas. The station is geared toward the maker movement in Tucson as well as local music, culture and voices.

KMKR is new and we will need volunteers to produce and present content to Tucson. This means that you could have a show on KMKR. Have you ever wanted to do your own radio show? What would it be like? What would you do? We want to hear from you. This is your opportunity to get your foot in the door! We are 24 hour broadcaster and we have plenty of space on our schedule.

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