Crypher Airdrop (Limit 2.500 Participants)
Please read these rules carefully and only apply for airdrop if you can fulfill them.We are strict to rules and If you do not follow them correctly you will be disqualified for sure.
1. Follow Twitter
2. Share this url,2.msg4.html#msg4 on your twitter
3. Register on our forum
4. Login to crypher and place your ETH Address on Ethereum Address Textfield (;area=forumprofile) We will send the airdrop to this address
5. Join our telegram channel (Optional)
6. Join our telegram group
7. Comment on the thread with constructive comment, spam will be disqualified
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Crypher Profile Link *
Follow this instruction to get your crypher profile link,2.msg5.html#msg5
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