TOLERANCE Seminar - Questionnaire
The following questionnaire is the GULF COAST TOUR version of the "Tolerance Seminar."

5 short mandatory questions
3 longer optional questions
1 space for miscellaneous comments

1) Do you believe the Bible clearly and decisively teaches AGAINST same-gender relationships? *
2) Should the Biblical position be promoted in society as a whole? *
3) Do you support the movement to grant and further expand LGBT Rights? *
4) Should there be transgender bathrooms in public schools? *
5) Do you have a close friend (not merely someone you know) that self-identifies as LGBT(QIA) etc? *
OPTIONAL (A): What should the Christian community as a whole do to better reach out to the LGBT community?
Your answer
OPTIONAL (B): Briefly mention some topics you'd like to hear discussed at this or future TOLERANCE seminars:
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OPTIONAL (C): What is your definition of "tolerance," particularly related to how we ought to react to the LGBT movement?
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MISCELLANEOUS Question/Comment?
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