Here is an opportunity for you to participate in the survey for clean and green city.
1. How clean do you think India is? *
2. Would you like to rate the city in terms of its hygiene and sanitation? *
3. What current environmental concerns are most on your radar? *
4. As an individual your interest concern in *
5. Do you think having a terrace or balcony garden in every house should be mandatory? *
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6. Is the lack of green areas in town affecting you? *
7. Do you think greenery is affected by pollution? *
8. What excites you the most to grow at home /terrace garden? *
9. Are you aware of benefits a home garden can provide? *
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10. Do you buy locally grown food? *
11. Do you Compost food or organic waste? *
12. Do you recycle everything possible at home? *
13. Do you Use re-usable shopping bags? *
14. Do you have compost and reuse it in your garden? *
15. We plan to hold more workshops, create community events etc., can we let you know when we conduct? *
16. Do you participate in any events by MDG/any other gardening company? *
17. Would you be intended to be a part of our future projects? *
18. Provide your suggestions/idea for the further innovations we perform? *
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19. Do you belong to any NGO or associated with any social awareness community? *
20. Are you a member of any environmental organization? *
21. Would you like to receive a copy of survey results? *
22. Can we quote you in any public sharing of your findings? *
23. Is there anything you would like to know more about? *
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24. Was this questionnaire educational? *
25. Agree/disagree about below statements: *
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