CALL FOR PROPOSALS - CoTESOL Fall Convention - November 15-16, 2024 -  Cultivating Colorado's Multilingual Landscapes

Colorado Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages invites English language educators from all over Colorado and beyond to submit proposals to present at the 2024 CoTESOL Fall Convention. This year, we will focus on sharing promising practices, research, and insights related to the theme "Cultivating Colorado's Multilingual Landscapes." Proposals will be considered for in-person presentation at the 47th Annual CoTESOL Fall Convention scheduled on November 15th and 16th at the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Conference Center in Thornton, CO.

CoTESOL will accept workshops, presentations, dialogues, panel discussions, poster sessions, and teaching tips across all levels of instruction, administration, and research. We want to hear about everything that our wonderful professional colleagues have been doing to support our diverse multilingual learner communities in K-12, adult education, community colleges, 4-year institutions, community programs, and beyond.

CoTESOL conventions regularly attract hundreds of local attendees from all levels of ESL, EAL, ELL, MLL, CLD, and bilingual education (i.e., K-12, adult ed, intensive English programs, higher ed, workplace ed, literacy, etc.). In addition to Colorado, many attendees come from neighboring states and around the country. CoTESOL conventions are an ideal place for first-time presenters because of the welcoming atmosphere and hospitable environment.

Please Note: This form is for submitting a proposal to present only. All presenters must register for the event at a discounted rate on a separate form, which will be posted on the CoTESOL website by September.  Please check the CoTESOL website for further information, as it becomes available:

DEADLINE: Please complete this Google form to submit your proposal by Monday, July 22, 2024.

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Please keep in mind the following suggestions for your proposal:
1. The maximum number of presenters suggested for each session type is:
  • 2 for Poster Sessions and Teaching Tips.
  • 2 for Presentations and Dialogues.
  • 6 for Panel Discussions and Workshops.
2. Please see the TESOL International Association guide to Selecting a Session Type for a description of each type of session.  First-time presenters and students are encouraged to participate in the Teaching Tips Theater, which will feature mini-presentations lasting only 20 minutes each. 

3. The attendees will use your session title and abstract in the convention program to decide whether to attend your session.

4. Many attendees are interested in earning professional development credit for Colorado Department of Education teacher licensing, so it is helpful to align your presentation objectives in your session description to the CDE Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Standards.
CoTESOL Board Members will use the following rubric to evaluate all submissions for academic presentations:
Information About You, the Lead Presenter
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Other Information about You, Your Co-Presenters (if any), and Your Proposal
1. This proposal is for what kind of session? *
2. Are you a member of CoTESOL or any other TESOL affiliate? *
3a. Name, email address, and institution/organization of 1st co-presenter:
3b. Name, email address, and employer/organization of 2nd co-presenter:
3c. Name, email address, and employer/organization of 3rd co-presenter:
3d. Name, email address, and employer/organization of 4th co-presenter:
3e. Name, email address, and employer/organization of 5th co-presenter:
Only the following information will be submitted to the co-chairs of the Special Interest Group (SIG) you choose to read and adjudicate your proposal.
4a. Which area of TESOL best matches the content and intended audience of your proposal?  (Choose the SIG that will evaluate your proposal.) *
4b. CoTESOL events are aligned to the Colorado Department of Education's English Learner Educator PD requirement.  For presentations for the K-12 audience in particular, please attempt to align your proposal to one of the four Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Quality Standards and elements that best matches your proposed content.  Please read the CDE descriptors for each standard below.  Each standard has an element A and an element B.  Please select only one standard and the one element most related to your presentation's outcomes.  For more information, please see
5. Presentation Type and Length: *
On occasion, convention program planners may request that a session type be changed, for example from a presentation to a teaching tip. Would you be willing to change the session type for your proposal , if asked? No changes will be made without your permission.
6. Title of Presentation (9-word limit): *
7. Presentation Abstract for Program (50 words): This is the abstract that attendees will read in the convention program. *
8. Intended Audience (select all that apply): *
9. Session Description: Please describe the intended participant outcomes of your presentation in 75-200 words.  This will be used by the CoTESOL Board to evaluate your proposal. If your proposal aligns to the CDE CLD Standards, please ensure that the content of your outcomes illustrates the alignment to the CLD Element in its wording.
10. How will you engage your audience? (We suggest including at least one engaging activity.)
11. References: For proposals based on established theory and/or research, CoTESOL encourages presenters to make reference to the relevant literature by listing appropriate citations/references here.
CoTESOL Policy on Registration:  All presenters (including co-presenters and panelists) are required to register for the professional development event that they participate in. If your presentation is accepted, CoTESOL will provide you and each of your collaborators with a discount code to register at a reduced rate.
Thank you for your submission!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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