Natural Hazards Preparedness Survey
As a resident of Portugal, you are exposed to the risk of earthquakes, tsunami, wildfires, and other natural hazards. These can have disastrous effects, causing massive losses and damage. While practitioners, such as national authorities at all levels, and non-governmental organizations and associations, are working together to minimize the impacts of these risks, these efforts to build a more resilient society are limited if the local population is not aware of and involved in disaster risk management.  

In this survey, Safe Communities Portugal would like to learn about your concerns, level of preparedness, and ideas to become more educated and prepared for natural hazards. Please take a few minutes to fill in this survey and help us evaluate the readiness of residents of Portugal to reduce the impacts of natural hazards.
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What is your level of concern for the impacts of the following natural hazards in the area you live? (Scroll left/right to see all options on mobile devices) *
Severe storms
Extreme temperatures (high or low)
How well prepared do you feel to cope with natural hazards in your area? *
Not well at all
Extremely well
Who should you contact in case of an emergency?
Which of the following sources do you rely on for emergency and disaster-related information? (select all that apply)
Do you feel it is important for residents to be personally prepared for natural disasters?
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To what level have you prepared yourself for any disasters that might occur?  (Scroll left/right to see all options on mobile devices)
Don't want to do
Not able to do
Have not done
I plan to do
Have done
I have collected the information
I have spoken to disaster management representatives in my area
I have prepared a family emergency plan
I have prepared a neighbourhood emergency plan
I have prepared disaster survival kits
I have taken special training
I have trained other members in the community
I have signed up with entities that provide emergency news or alert systems
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Would you be ready and willing to take the following actions to improve you and your community's resilience to disasters and emergencies?  (Scroll left/right to see all options on mobile devices)
Definitely yes
Probably yes
I don't know
Probably not
Definitely not
Participate in preparedness training
Collect monitoring data on natural hazards (e.g. water level of a nearby river)
Notify authorities about an emergency (e.g. the presence of water, wind, fire)
Receive information from official authorities on secure places (e.g. escape routes, roads not broken from landslides ...) and available resources (e.g. drinking water)
Receive information and instructions on disaster preparedness
Share information with your neighbours
Notify authorities about potential risks from damaged infrastructure (e.g. cracks, clogged drains, ...)
How would you prefer to receive information about disaster preparedness? *
How interested are you in learning more about these specific disaster preparedness topics?  (Scroll left/right to see all options on mobile devices) *
Very interested
Somewhat interested
I don't know
Not interested
Building a home emergency kit
Evacuation planning
Preparedness for vulnerable populations (elderly, disabled, etc.)
Wildfire behavior
Emergency response protocols (what to expect during a disaster incident)
Preparing homes and gardens for natural hazards
Are there other disaster-related topics not mentioned above that you would like more information about?
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