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SP CE Commons has been home to concerts, community meetings, poetry readings, yoga, dancing, conversations, games, potlucks, theatre, meditation, social gatherings, lectures, storytelling, and more. All events are welcome, especially events that encourage participation.
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Paul and Rachael are currently handling event requests and will contact you via email or facebook. Please email to inquire about status if we have not gotten back to you within a few days.
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SP CE Commons is committed to having free events. At the same time, SP CE Commons relies on donations. Will your event bring in donations? If so, how? Would it be possible for a portion of donations to go to SP CE Commons? *
There are no right or wrong answers here. The availability of SP CE Commons will NEVER depend on whether or not you can guarantee donations :)
How many volunteers will you provide for the event? What do you envision them helping out with? How will volunteers help to ensure the event is safe and welcoming? *
SP CE Commons will provide one volunteer to open the doors and lock up. If you have a point of contact at SP CE who has expressed interest in helping out, please let us know who that is.
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SP CE Commons is: An open community that grows through your participation. Access to tools, resources, and human energy. A safe and welcoming place where creativity and kindness are encouraged.
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