Application Form for Credit for Out-of-classroom Learning Experience
The University’s undergraduate curriculum aims to afford students a totality of experiences to achieve its Education Aims (EAs). Students are encouraged to learn not only in the classroom but beyond. Out-of-classroom learning experiences are valuable and contribute to the achievement of EAs, especially in the development of graduate attributes and skills.

The University currently operates a credit award scheme to recognize and reward out-of-classroom learning experiences/activities. All kinds of out-of-classroom learning experiences/activities may quality for such credits, on condition that the outcome of the learning experiences/activities can be mapped to at least one of the University’s six EAs. One or two credits may be awarded depending on the duration and intensity of the experiences/activities. Such credits are transcriptable in blocks of three.
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Details of learning experience / activity submitted by applicant
1. Title and date(s) of the learning experience/activity, and name of the organizer
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2. Brief description of the learning experience/activity, and your responsibility (if applicable) *
3. Credit(s) to be claimed for the learning experience/activity. (For an experience/activity involving not less than 20 hours, one credit will be awarded. For a more advanced experience/activity involving 50 hours or more, with the majority of the hours being highly relevant to the UEAs against which the experience/activity is mapped, two credits will be awarded.) *
4. Expected number of learning hours (viz. total learning hours being all time spent on the learning experience/activity, inclusive of contact hours (e.g. for a workshop/course), unsupervised preparation or study etc.) *
5. Account of how the learning experience/activity will contribute to the attainment of at least one of the University’s Educational Aims *
6. Evidence (e.g. certificate, transcript, a signed letter or confirmation from the organizer) and expected deliverables that will be submitted at a later stage to prove satisfactory completion of the learning experience for Formal Approval. Please state. *
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