VTSCA Conference Call for Workshops
Please answer the following questions about the workshop you are proposing to present during the 11/4 conference at the Killington Resort. Workshops are 60 minutes in length. Proposals are due by 8/25.

Members have indicated interest in the following workshop topics (however this does not exclude additional topics you are interested in providing!):

Advocating for Role as School Counselor
Suicide Prevention
Connection Emotions to Actions
Play Therapy
Cultural Competency
Social Skill Building
Supporting LGBTQA Students
Career Readiness
Data Collection
Use of Assessments
Classroom Counseling Lessons
Trauma Informed Counseling
Restorative Practices
Flexible Pathways
Societal Pressures and Impact on Youth
Art Therapy
Hazing, Harassment, & Bullying
School Counselor Leadership

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