Raleigh Greek Festival Survey
The Festival Committee has been meeting to review all aspects of the Raleigh Greek Festival - past, present and future. Currently, due to time constraints, the contract for the 2019 Festival at the Graham Building had to be signed. However, the committee is extremely interested in what the parishioners of Holy Trinity feel about the future of the Festival. It is not the committee's intent to make future decisions without the support of the Parish, Parish Council and Clergy. Please make a sincere effort to complete this questionnaire and submit it as soon as possible.

In case you didn't know: The Raleigh Greek Festival has been taking place for over 35 years, sharing the culture and cuisine of the Greek community. It is managed and supported by volunteers of the parish, as well as some paid volunteers during the event. In the past 25 years proceeds have supported the Maintenance and Capital Building Funds at Holy Trinity, as well as donations to Habitat for Humanity, St. John the Merciful and local Veteran non-profits.

Please keep in mind that this survey is anonymous.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of doing the Greek Festival?
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Please list three things we are doing well with the Festival.
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Please list three things we are not doing well with the Festival.
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How many hours do you think is reasonable to expect parishioners to volunteer to work?
Do you plan to volunteer at the 2019 Festival?
If you've answered "no" to the previous question, can you share with us why?
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What would you suggest we do to encourage more parishioners to volunteer?
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It is important for Holy Trinity to have a Greek Festival.
Is there something we didn’t ask that you feel we need to know?
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