The Amal Career-Prep Fellowship Application - Spring 2018
Welcome to the application for the Spring 2018 Amal Career-Prep Fellowship, a rigorous professional training program that develops the skills needed to secure and succeed in a quality job/internship! This fellowship session will be starting in March and will run for 3 months. We will be evaluating applications as we receive them and the deadline to apply is until midnight, February 4, 2018.

To help you with this application, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Review the Application FAQs ( and watch the video on the application page ( before starting the application. It may also help to browse through the Amal Academy Facebook page and website to better acquaint yourself with the Amal Career Prep Fellowship before applying.

2. This is an entirely individual application: please respond carefully, truthfully and using your own words only.

3. Please double-check the email address you enter in the application. We will be communicating next steps via email.

4. The application must be completed in one sitting and requires about 25 minutes; there is no option to save your progress once you begin. We advise writing your response to the essay question in advance and copy-pasting it into the application as it will require time to think.

The essay question is: "Why did you decide to choose your field of study. What gaps do you feel there are in your skill-set. What is the next step for you, and how do you think Amal can help you along your path?" (200 word minimum).

5. Do not use your browser BACK button otherwise you will lose all progress. Please use navigation buttons at the bottom of each screen. You can use the TAB key on your keyboard to jump from one question to another.

6. If you have any QUESTIONS during the application, contact Awais at 0333-6688091 (SMS/WhatsApp/Call),

Good Luck! Please start by entering your email address below.

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HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact Awais at 0333-6688091 (SMS/WhatsApp/Call)
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