HS Guys Backpacking
$20 plus money for one meal
April 17-19
Buffalo River National Park
Contact Nic S @ 501-412-0419 or nic.s@cbf.us
High School Guys Backpacking
This is the official high school guy's get away that you don't want to miss. You will see waterfalls, incredible views, and have one of the best times of your life.  You need some sort of backpack that can hold a sleeping bag. We also have several backpacks so you can use one of those if you don't have one.  Arrive at the Warehouse no later than 4:15 pm on Friday April 17th to pack and load. We will return to the Warehouse around noon Sunday (sometimes our time is slighly off due to travel). On the way up, we will stop in Russellville for dinner so the students will need to bring money for dinner. (about $10-$15 should cover it). I will cover the cost of the big breakfast on Sunday morning in Jasper (on our way home).


Cost-$20 (covers supplies, food, gas, and breakfast in Jasper)
Plus about $15 for dinner on the way up.

Location: Buffalo National River- Friday on the BRT Trail. Exact Location: Steel Creek, Sun. on the ORT back to SC.  General area: Ponca, AR or Jasper, AR.

What to Bring: Bag, sleeping bag, mat, WOOL socks (smart-wool recommended), good closed toed hiking shoes or tennis shoes, camp shoes (for walking around camp), extra clothes. (more to come closer to the time). It's going to be cold so bring warm clothes.

What NOT to Bring: knives (i'll have one, we don't all need a knife), saws, guns, dangerous stuff. We'll check every bag and help pack also.

Emergency: Adult leaders will have phones for emergency 911 calls.

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