Membership Committee

Our Motto: Enroll, Educate and Empower

The membership committee is made up of volunteers that believe in the vision and mission for DFWATW. 
We believe in engaging our current and potential members of  ATW  to create a sense of community within our members and to meet the recruitment and retention strategy for our membership plan and the overall vision of ATW.

Responsibilities include:

1. Active Recruitment of members
2. Onboarding engaging and retaining members
3. Responsible for defining membership packages and values
4. Work with other ATW committees to influence programs for members
5. Utilize member and event registration data to provide analytics
6. Promote and acknowledge membership achievement through social media
7. Create, maintain best practices for online enrollment, timely communication (ie. welcome letters, member of the month, highlights in newsletter, guest follow-up, LinkedIn follow up, value of membership, etc
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