Employee Information - Political Science Department
Note: This form is for those students who have already been offered a job to work for a faculty member in the BYU Political Science Department. It is not an application form. This form is also used to renew employment for existing student employees.
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What name do you prefer to be called?
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When would you like to begin working, pending email authorization?
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What job will you be performing? (For more than one job, please complete this form once for each job.)
What account will be paying your wages? *
Supervisor *
This means the faculty member or employee for whom you will be working.
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Hourly Wage - TAs only
TAs of the Political Science Department receive a wage based on the amount of semesters they have been a TA in this department. Please select below how many semesters you have been a TA for the Political Science Department (including the upcoming semester/term).
Hourly Wage - RAs and all other employees
List below the wage you should receive for this job. If you are unsure, please consult with your supervisor.
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Job Description
Example: TA for Prof. Cosmo Cougar's POLI 110 class for X semester, working about 10 hours per week
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Do you currently have (or have you previously had) another on-campus job?
Note: BYU allows up to three concurrent jobs on campus.
Please give any additional details involving concurrent employment below.
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Are you planning on graduate school?
This is for internal information only.
Are you interested in meeting with and/or helping transport visitors to or from campus?
This would be an opportunity for you to talk with campus visitors about graduate school or other post-graduate plans. You will be contacted about upcoming visitors and volunteers will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
Employee Acknowledgement: *
I certify that all the above information is correct and that I meet the necessary minimum requirements for this position.
Multiple Jobs in Political Science?
Please complete this form again if you have more than one job in the Political Science Department.
Final Step to start/continue employment: *
Contact Carina Alleman (carina.alleman@byu.edu) to let her know you completed this form. For those beginning a new job in Political Science, please include your availability for a brief 3-5 minute meeting in 745 KMBL to process your hire. For those continuing their current employment, there is no need to have an in-person meeting.
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