BaBaBa Red Dress Run FaFaFa紅洋裝跑
Sign up below to help us to prepare drinks and reserve a spot at the bash. (中文請往下)

Come to celebrate Taichung Hash House Harrier's 888th Red Dress run! (with a a lot of drinking along the way of course)
All proceeds for the event will be donated to the Taichung Christian Herald Children's Orphanage.

Host: Taichung Hash House Harriers (Hared by Sir Snip A Lot and Porny Walker)
Date: August 10, 2019 (Saturday)
Run-start Location: a park across from TianXiang parking (

16:30 Registration, payment, etc.
17:00 Hares away
19:00 Downdown
20:00 Bash​ 黨主席

Fee: $600. Fee includes run, beer, and bash.
***You may pay on Saturday. But please do show up if you sign up. Thank you.

☛Please be at the park before 4,30pm. So you have time to drink beer, pay (and drink beer) and drink beer.
☛As it is an A to B run, hashers (especially the ones NOT from Taichung) will put their belongings in designated cars to be offloaded at the bash restaurant.
☛Please bring your own cup cup cup cup to protect our Mother Earth, did I remind you to "bring your own" cup? If you don't have one, TH3 will lend you a cheesie cup with a string attached to it. Limited offer though. You will have to drink the beer from your hand if we run out. (Yes we are Nazi when it comes cutting down garbage.)
☛Remember…wear a RED Dress and represent the Hash in glorious fashion.
☛After bash: There maybe one. Still working on it.
☛Transportation is not provided.
☛There will be a HangOver run at 10AM on the following Sunday morning. Location outskirts of Taichung. Short run not longer than 8k Max for runners with a shorter walkers loop. Hared by The Dump and Beer Mom



主辦單位 : 台中捷兔 (兔子Sir Snip A Lot and Porny Walker)
日期 : 108年8月10日 (星期六)
起始點 : 天祥停車場對面公園。(

16:30 報到、繳錢 (請最晚於4點半抵達)
17:00 兔子起跑
19:00 Downdown
20:00 Bash晚餐。黨主席

費用 : 600大洋(含路跑飲料和晚餐)

☛重要!!!請自備杯子杯子杯子杯子,響應環保,所以剛剛有提醒大家要「自帶」杯子嗎?? 杯子最好副吊帶掛著,如果沒有的話,可以借你,如果被借光了,請用自己的手捧啤酒(對啦~為了不製造垃圾我們就是小氣啦~)

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