Evaluation of Community-Based Learning Student
1. Based on the student's work at your organization, please evaluate how well the student performed in the areas listed below. If you do not have sufficient information to make an assessment, leave the question blank.
2. Please utilize the comments section to explain your ratings. Your comments will be considered in assigning the student a grade.
3. Feel free to discuss this feedback with the student. The evaluation and feedback process are a valuable part of the student's learning experience.

For questions or comments, contact the Director of the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, Wendy Wagner, wwagner4@gmu.edu.

Student's First Name
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Student's Last Name
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Organization Name
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Supervisor Name
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Supervisor Email
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Please leave a response blank if you feel you have inadequate information to answer it.
5) Strongly Agree
4) Agree
3) Neutral
2) Disagree
1) Strongly Disagree
Understands our agency's mission and services
Fulfilled commitment to the organization, completed assigned work
Exhibited effective communication skills- listening, speaking & writing
Worked well with other agency staff and volunteers
Displayed awareness of self, including personal strengths and limitations
Demonstrated awareness and sensitivity in work with diverse populations
Responded to the emerging needs of the organization, other staff and clients
Accepted constructive feedback from others
Demonstrated professional work habits (punctuality, dependability)
Respected agency's ethical standards
Planned his/ her work well
Number of Hours Student Completed
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Comments on your ratings
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Would you be willing to host another service-learner again in the future?
If yes, How many students can you accomodate in the future?
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If not, please explain?
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