GFI Research Program: Research Grant Submission Form (Rolling Submissions)
***UPDATE: April 23, 2020***

GFI is not currently accepting any additional research proposals through its rolling submission funding mechanism. Please feel free to reach out to if you have questions. You can find information about the research GFI is currently funding, as well as a link to a database of alternative protein research funding opportunities, at


Are you a researcher either in academia or private industry? Do you have a plant-based or cell-based meat, egg, or dairy research project in need of funding?

The GFI Research Program enables GFI to strategically support research projects that show the most promise for advancing the fields of plant-based and cell-based meat, eggs, and dairy and for which alternative sources of funding are currently not available or may take significant time to secure.

Two different mechanisms exist through which to submit research proposals for funding consideration. Periodic requests for proposals (RFPs) will be released. Information on these competitive grant opportunities can be found here:

Additionally, researchers may submit proposals on a rolling basis by following the instructions on this form. Projects submitted through this form should have a budget of $50,000 or less and a duration of 12 months or less.

To submit a research proposal to the GFI Research Program, please complete the form below and email a brief (3-5 page) research proposal to GFI Scientific Foundations Liaison Erin Rees Clayton at Detailed instructions for the proposal are given at the bottom of this form. After filling out the form and emailing your proposal, you can expect to receive confirmation of receipt within one week.

Additional Program Terms and Conditions can be found here:

If you have any questions about this form, the required research proposal, or the Research Program in general, please email Erin at To discuss how you can be part of this transformative work with your gift or grant to the GFI Research Program, please contact the GFI Development Team at

Thank you for your interest in the GFI Research Program.
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Please email a 3-5 page proposal containing the following information.
-Brief background of the project
-Significance of the proposed research and relevance to the plant-based or cell-based meat, egg, or dairy field
-Why your project is unique or innovative
-Specific aims, objectives, or hypotheses
-Methodology to be used to achieve the aims
-Expected results and outcomes
-Brief description of the qualifications of the study team
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