Wass PTO Fundraiser Survey
Please answer these 8 questions to help guide the Wass PTO in making future fundraising decisions.
This is where money raised by the Wass PTO is spent.
Do you feel like the money raised by the Wass PTO fundraisers benefit your child at Wass? *
How do you feel about the frequency of fundraisers that we offer at Wass? *
Currently, the Wass PTO runs two big fundraisers during the school year - Entertainment Book Sales and Running with the Wolves. Would you prefer just one big fundraiser in the fall or maintain both? *
Would you like to see the Wass PTO continue to offer the Entertainment Book Sale fundraiser again next fall? *
Would you prefer to see our Entertainment Book Sale move to an online only purchase option? *
We currently host 2 Restaurant Nights for our school per year. Do you participate in the event? If so, how do you feel about the frequency of our events? *
When would you like to participate and/or support our Running with the Wolves event? *
What suggestions do you have to improve the fundraising efforts to support the teaching and learning in our school? If you are content with our current status, you can reply with "none."
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