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The Association of Specialized Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) welcomes proposals for professional development courses. The ASGCLA Online Learning Committee reviews and approves the proposals. The courses are taught using the Moodle course management software over the course of four to six weeks. Moodle features a chat function to allow for live course sessions in addition to asynchronous coursework. Adobe Connect is also available for live presentation sessions. Instructors for accepted proposals will receive support and training for these technology tools.

Attendees are charged a fee to participate in the course and receive a certificate upon completion. The fee includes ongoing access to an archived version of the course. Instructors will be paid a one-time course/curriculum development fee of $500 to set up the course initially, and $40 per participant thereafter. The Committee does attempt to consider expected levels of interest when approving online course proposals.

Proposals are accepted year round. Instructors whose proposals are approved will be contacted to offer the course between .
Personal data is collected only internally and used for general business purposes.
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Detailed description - Identify subject, scope, content and approach. State what is distinctive and compelling about the course you are proposing and the amount of time devoted to each topic. *
Brief description - that could be used in promotion and in a course catalog. Include subject, scope, intended audience, approach and anything unique about this webinar. *
Identify three to four learning outcomes for this course: By the end of this course the participant will be able to... *
What additional take-aways or tools will you provide for students who attend this session? (ex: tool kit, assessment form, resource guide, etc) *
Who should attend this course? Include job functions/responsibilities, titles, library types, etc. How is the content relevant to this audience? *
Please provide all of the following for each presenter: Name, Title, Affiliation, E-mail Address and Phone Number *
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State qualifications of each presenter to present on this topic; include relevant teaching experience and knowledge in the proposed topic area. Though not required, please indicate any experience with delivering online webinars, courses or other online learning offerings. *
Discuss methods of engaging course participants in preparation, discussion, question/answer time, projects, etc. Include estimate of time dedicated to each type of activity. *
Identify other ways participants might attain skills or knowledge taught in the course. How does this proposal distinguish itself from these other offerings? *
How is the content of this course relevant to the membership of ASGCLA? *
If this course is being sponsored by an ASGCLA interest group, give the name of the group. Type "none" if none. The current list of ASGCLA Interest Groups can be found here: *
Detailed course duration: Recommended duration is four to six weeks and includes 1-3 hours of student engagement per week. Engagement is inclusive of all time a student might spend on course related activities, lectures, chats, readings, assignments, etc. *
Indicate here your preferred dates for teaching the course, the earliest date on which you would be ready to teach this course, and well as any restrictions on when the course could be taught. Courses begin on Mondays and end on Fridays. If there are any live sessions, indicate days of the week, frequency and length of sessions. Any dates should be at least two months into the future to allow for preparation and promotion of your webinar. Once approved, exact dates and times will be negotiated by ASGCLA staff. *
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