What should Sex Education look like?
Imagine your perfect version of Sex Education.

Teaching 'The Talk' wants to know what good Sex Education should look like from everyone's perspective. Leave us some ideas down below, be honest - we won't bite!

Where should Sex Education take place?
Who should deliver Sex Education?
Longer answer questions
The next questions require a slightly longer answer. Please feel free to write as much as you want - the more we understand the better the training we deliver will be.
How many people are receiving the Sex Education at one time?
Your answer
Tell us how the facilitator (the person delivering the Sex Education) is speaking. Are they friendly or professional? What are their body language or their facial expressions like?
Your answer
What does the facilitator use to deliver the Sex Education? Are there lots of props or a presentation?
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Finally, what are the most important topics that the Sex Education covers in the long term?
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