SAGADA - Online Registration Form for Returning Residents, APOR, and ROFs
Before proceeding, make sure you have secured the following:

āœ” šŒš®š§š¢šœš¢š©ššš„ š€šœšœšžš©š­ššš§šœšž š‹šžš­š­šžš«
- coordinate with the Operation Center @ +63 999 994 3282 / +63 977 856 3766)
- secure a Municipal Acceptance Letter

āœ” š‚šŽš•šˆšƒ š’š‡šˆš„š‹šƒ š“š«šššÆšžš„ š€š®š­š”šØš«š¢š­š²
- from police authorities in your point of origin

āœ” šŒšžšš¢šœššš„ š‚šžš«š­š¢šŸš¢šœššš­šž
- from local health unit of your point of origin

ā—˜ These MUST be accomplished within 3 days prior to arrival and not a day longer.

These will be validated at the checkpoint upon arrival.

All travelers who have not coordinated with the Operation Center will only be allowed entry from 8AM to 5PM.
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