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IMPORTANT: after sending your proposal it may take 15 days to analyse it. In case you need a faster feedback, after applying please send us an e-mail to asking for a urgent answer.


Since its creation in 2004 Platohedro has hosted artists and cultural managers in an informal way to develop residence projects, and since 2013 Residencies became part of the 4 main programs of the organization (with Safeguard, D-Formation and Shared and Free Communication).

Platohedro’s headquarters is located near the downtown of Medellin, it is a two story 1950’s Art Deco House. It has three residency bedrooms with two single beds each, 3 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, an editing room, an archive/library, a hack lab, 2 office rooms and an open space for workshops, talks, expositions or screenings, a darkroom, a supply room and a mezzanine. It has chairs and tables, wifi, basic light and sound kits, video cameras and last but surely not least a beautiful community garden.

According to the available resources and the nature of the proposal, residents also receive a stipend for materials and a per-diem, and sometimes we organize activities in collaboration with other institutions for the development of presentations, workshops, and labs.

Every year about 30 international artists from various disciplines take part in the residence program.

During 2018 we will prioritize the following lines:

1) Experimentation and/or pedagogical process development about:
-Art & Technology (visual and sound experimentation, digital and analog technology appropriation, creative programming, open spectrum, art & collaboratory science, bioart).

-Feminism and hacker culture towards Well Living (self-care, micropolitics of gender and post-gender, information security, gardening, feeding, permaculture, body ecologies, ancestral knowledge).

-Violence prevention through expanded creativity in diverse ways (communication and media appropriation, content creation, radical imagination, games and videogames, cartography, design, biodance, psico-social accompaniment, others).

2) Research and reflection process about:
-Free Culture and the Commons (community media, audiovisual, graphic and sound production, archiving and cartography, open knowledge and open licences).

-Community Process (urban space activation, community participation and intervention, community art, collaboratory cultural management, psico-social accompaniment).

-Pedagogical Ways (expanded education, radical pedagogies, participatory and collaboratory methodologies for creation, research and knowledge exchange, experimental labs).

Residents profile - Who can apply?
Visual artists, digital artists and artists that work with electronics, critics and art curators, cultural managers, permaculturers, communicators, dancers, performers, researchers, amoung others. We accept people form hibrid backgrounds and that come from different knowledge areas if it is relavant and fitting to our lines of work.

At the moment Platohedro does not have an open call for its Residency program, because our programs articulate throughout the year. We start a dialogue that begins from the proposals that arrive from emergent and experienced artists, and we also invite creators who’s profile suits with our programs. In both situations residents receive accommodation, space for work, audiovisual documentation of their activities and support to localize themselves in the local context.

Our intention is that residents integrate in an organic way to the dynamics of the collaborative space and our programs. We have reached this in a fluid way with La Jaquer EsCool, our hacker school for experimentation on different types of technologies and knowledges, where residents make an exchange with workshops, labs, and open presentations with the participants that take part into the project. This exchange is free of charge and open to the participation of other people.

Recently we felt the need that every artist contribute to the open documentation of their creation processes, for that reason we ask the residents to prepare a short text about the experience, tutorials, and other material that wants to share with open licences, in order to socialize and replicate the knowledge produced along their stay.

Another characteristic is the international presence and participation of women. This is something we want to promote, since this has brought positive changes and new perspectives on technological appropriation, the gender relationships and micropolitics of our organization and its participants.

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