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The Ignite worship ministry is a group of musicians, singers, and audio specialists who have a heart for bringing the people of Ignite into a deeper place of worship. Ignite's vision is to become a vibrant family that loves the presence of God and partners with Jesus to empower people and transform society. The worship ministry has a passion to bridge heaven and earth—taking what we’ve seen & felt in the spiritual realm and recreate it in our physical chapel; making heaven and earth indistinguishable through worship.

Who should apply?
Vocalists, acoustic guitarists, electric guitarists, bass guitarists, percussionists/drummers, and keyboardists* that are passionate about worship and leading Ignite into a deeper place of worship. Experience playing in a live band is not required, although we do ask that applicants possess the fundamental skills and competencies associated with their craft or instrument.
* Keyboardists in Ignite operate a DAW software called Ableton Live to produce sounds from MIDI enabled keyboards. Knowledge on how to use Ableton is not required to apply as a keyboardist.

What to expect?
We expect each worship team member to share our heart for creating a welcoming space, connecting with the heart of God, and taking ownership of his/her craft. We also expect members to be responsible for their relationship with God, committed to the team, practice consistently, attend cell group, and be a baptized member of Ignite. When scheduled, our worship bands practice for 2 hours on Saturday morning, and arrive to Ignite service 30 minutes prior for setup and a brief rehearsal. With the exception of keyboardists and percussionists, all instrumentalists are required to provide and maintain their own instruments. Also, you should be open to investing in a nice pair of in-ear monitor earphones.

What's next?
Someone from Ignite worship will reach out to you to set up a short jam + meet&greet session with you and some worship leaders. This should be a brief getting-to-know-each-other session, so please prepare questions as well. Lead electric guitarist applicants should be prepared to speak briefly about their pedals and effects chain. We cannot guarantee every applicant a jam session, and we also cannot guarantee a spot on the worship team.

If you are interested, even a little bit, you are encouraged to apply! Ignite could not be possible without people pouring out their time and talents. The worship team is a great opportunity to give back, and to be challenged.
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