Lead or Lose: What difference does good or bad leadership make?
We are talking with the Horizon37 community and leaders throughout the scale-up business ecosystem and asking them what is the business impact of good or bad leadership on business outcomes, what does good leadership comprise, and how do you develop it?

The reasons why we are doing this project are:

a) To extricate how leadership correlates with business outcomes for scale-ups
b) To evaluate how the coaching (and specifically, "The HorizonMethod") contributes to developing good leadership

We would like to ask you some questions, set by our research team (which comprises members from H37 and Cranfield University).

The interviews and surveys we conduct will inform our findings, which will be used to create the Lead or Lose research report(s) and as part of an evaluation of the impact of the HorizonMethod for coaching, as deployed through the Horizon37 coaching programmes.

We will cover data consent at the end, and you can select if you want any answers to be anonymous; all responses will only be shared with the research team and will not be included in the report unless you have explicitly told us so.

To clarify the context, we are talking about senior leadership (usually by the founder CEO and Exec team) in a scale-up.

We define leadership as: "causing results through others", i.e. NOT "doing skills" like technology development, financial modelling or video marketing.

"A scale-up Business" is a 3-7 year old company that meets any/all of the following criteria:
Have had VC or Angel backing at least £1m in total
Or are £500k p.a. revenue generating (product market fit)
Or have grown 20% in staff from base 50 for three years
Or have grown 20% revenue YoY from base £100k for three years
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Name (to be used internally, we will not use it in the report unless you give permission)
Please tell us about your roles in the business scale-up ecosystem so that we can segment our findings (tick all that apply - past and current) *
Complete this sentence: Leadership is important to me because….
How much does leadership impact on scale-up business outcomes
Clear selection
How strongly does great leadership impact on these business outcomes? (score impact of leadership on this outcome on scale of 1-7 where 7 = maximum impact). Please note, we are purposely considering business outcomes that are valuable in their own right, not any of the enablers that help achieve them (e.g. happy team / great ideas / good processes).
NB We will ask you to identify the components of great leadership that contribute to these outcomes in a moment.
Deploy the product/service to achieve the company mission
Increase revenue
Raise funding from investors
Achieve a positive "exit" (IPO or sale)
Other (please specify)
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If applicable, add any comments on whether any of these outcomes depend strongly on specific components of leadership, plus what other ways there are to achieve these outcomes.
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