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Terms and Conditions - Updated on 9th October 2018
• K9 School is a unique place for your pets, where we provide training (behavior, obedience and group classes) and boarding services for your pets.

• These terms and conditions govern “Obedience Training” (“the Session”) of your pet.

• What is Obedience Training:
- Obedience Training is a special aggregation service being provided for pet parents who find it difficult or inconvenient to train their own dog and require a generic trainer service where an obedience trainer works with the dog at home on a regular basis on monthly programs.
- These monthly programs would include basic training commands.

• Details of the Session:
- The monthly training programs are discussed and are made in the supervision of Mr. Adnan Khan (Founder and CEO of K9 School) and then imparted by the trainer to the dog.
- The training is for an individual dog, and while, this type of training involves training of the pet, involvement of the owners in the pet’s journey and training is strongly advisable to receive best results.
- There will be 12- 17 number of classes taken by the trainer under the Session.
- The duration of each class shall be 30 (Thirty) minutes per session

• Fees of the Session:
- The Fees for the session shall range from Rs. 7,000/- (Rupees Seven Thousand only) to Rs. 9,000/- (Rupees Nine Thousand only) per dog;
- Rs. 1,750/- (Rupees One Thousand seven hundred fifty only) has to paid in advance and the balance amount is payable by the end of the 3rd Class of the Session;
- The taxes, including GST shall be additional
- The Fees has to be paid to the K9 School either through Cheque (made in the name of Homer Canine Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) or through NEFT. In the event the pet owner wishes to make the payment with cash, the same has to be made at the premises of the K9 School. No cash payments will be accepted by the K9 School through the trainers. Any loss arising out of such payment made by the pet owner to the trainer shall be at the sole responsibility of the pet owner.
- In addition to these terms, the payment and the refund (if applicable), shall be governed by the Pricing and the Refund Policy of the K9 School.

• Other Terms & Conditions:
- The Obedience Training program is a generic training program for the pet, where the trainer interacts with the pet. However, involvement of the owners in the pet’s journey and training is strongly advisable to receive best results.
- It is imperative to understand that, dog training requires patience and perseverance. We cannot and do not guarantee that the commands and training imparted on the pet will be permanent and as effective when you try those commands with your pet. It is imperative that unless the owners put stipulated amount of practice and consistency along with trainer to train the pet.
- We cannot make refunds or be held liable if the pet does not repeat the training commands taught to him while under training, especially under circumstances wherein the owner / handler does not practice and reinstate the same with their pet.
- In case there are other behavioural issues with respect to the pet not following/ obeying the commands, our trainers will be happy to assess the same and guide you.
- The owner is responsible to truthfully state about the pets’ general behaviour. If you are doubtful about your pets’ behaviour, please talk to us. We shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of your misinforming us about your pets’ behaviour or the consequences arising out of the aggression of your pet.
- We take no responsibility of any medical complications that may arise out of environmental factors.
- The entire staff at K9 School are trained to handle your pets. They are humane and courteous with all the pets.
- We live to serve dogs and any complaints with respect to manhandling or ill treatment by the staff towards the pet will be duly investigated and strict action will be taken if any member of staff is found to be miscreant towards the pet and / or humans around.

• These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of India and the courts in New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the disputes arising out of these terms and conditions.

• The K9 School reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time. The pet owner is requested to go through these terms and conditions before taking the services of the K9 School.
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