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1. How long have you been following Melissa? Specify on which channels: Facebook/Linkedin/Youtube/Instagram/Newsletter/In person *
2. Which of Melissa's Paths are you interested in? You can choose multiple routes. *
3. What relationship do you have with your Female Cycle, with Menstruation, with Menopause, with Sexuality? *
4. What relationship do you have with your body? *
5. What is the most important change you want in your life right now and what is preventing you from making it, if you are already aware of it? *
6. What did you try before that didn't work? *
7. Approximately how much have you invested so far, in time and money, in personal training to obtain improvements in Body-Mind-Spirit well-being and raise your level of Awareness? *
8. Have you already been followed or are you being followed by a Coach, Coach, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Dietitian or Nutritionist? If yes, which of these therapists and on what topic? Also specify if you are following medical therapies with psychotropic drugs or other types of drugs (e.g. birth control pills, etc...) *
9. What result do you think YOU are able to achieve with the right Guide? *
10. My Routes give "200" for a price of "100" and are not "standardized routes" that anyone who pays can enter. That's why I'm looking for people who treat that "200" as such. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 indicates a person willing to work hard to get the result she wants and 10 a person who really wants to work hard to get it, which extreme would you place yourself towards?
11. Do you now have the financial resources to invest in a Path of Value? *
12. At this moment you are finishing other wellness courses that are not working (but which you still have the hope that they will work) or you have other projects in progress that would make it difficult for you to focus NOW your energy on bringing you to fully experience your Evolution for a healthy, free and happy life? *
13. The results of my pupils of all ages expand positively to all fields of existence. Are you also willing to really put yourself on the line to start your rebirth together that will allow you to achieve a healthy, free and happy life, giving up old erroneous habits to learn and put new reinforcing and regenerating ones into practice? *
14. Time is precious and my Mission is to achieve concrete results: tell me why I should reserve just for you a place in my Academy which offers a precious turning point in life. *
15. Indicate the time slots and dates in which, if your application is accepted, you are available for the free Knowledge Call on Zoom (30' duration): *
I have read and understood that:

"The Coaching Paths are not a substitute for therapies and medical figures. If you suffer from ailments or pathologies that require a doctor, contact a trusted specialist. My Paths can be useful for you to understand the emotional and energetic aspects related to Cyclicity and Female Intimacy, to acquire useful techniques to improve your general well-being and your lifestyle. My Coaching Programs are therefore an excellent support also for medical therapies as they go to work on the physical, emotional and energy aspects in integration, with the The goal is to improve self-awareness, of the motivations that led to current problems, thus favoring the transformation of emotions and returning to feeling read inside, happy with oneself, free to express oneself in one's full creative power as women."
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