Share Your Work on The Cabell Screen
Do you have an idea for a project, work to share or a request to be a featured artist or exhibitor on the Cabell Big Screen? VCU Libraries invites students and faculty from throughout the university to share data visualizations, images, art and other creative scholarship with the community on the Cabell Big Screen. We also invite faculty and staff to suggest possible alumni exhibits.

Due to the large numbers of works that may be submitted at certain times of the year, we may not be able to respond to each and every inquiry promptly. You will be notified if your work is selected and you'll be given a time frame for its showing. Just because one piece isn't chosen, doesn't mean the next one won't be! There is no limit to the number of pieces or the number of times you can submit work.

The screen does best with simple images rather than very detailed pieces. We particularly welcome works created specifically for the screen. The aspect ratio of the screen is 9:8 and work will be cropped to adhere to the aspect ratio. Take a look at VCU Libraries' Flickr set of examples of good pieces for the big screen.
PLEASE NOTE: VCU Libraries will not be able to display all of the works that are submitted, and reserves the right to select works and determine suitability for display in its sole discretion.

Please use this form to begin the conversation with us. A member of the VCU Libraries committee that manages the screen will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you need immediate help, please email
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Describe your project. Include title of "exhibit"/number of pieces or its runtime if it is a film or kinetic work. Note medium, type of work. (This information will be used for publicity write up so please share details.)
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If this is for a class project, for instance, when would the works be available and when does your class meet? (Assuming they would want to come over and see the installation.)
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If you are willing to allow us to use background information about your organization’s project or your bio/CV/artist’s statement in publicity, please include that information here.  
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By submitting this form and checking the appropriate boxes, I agree to grant the specific rights identified below to VCU Libraries to display the submitted artwork/scholarly materials on the Cabell Screen and to use images of the work for publicity purposes, which may include posting thumbnails of the work to Flickr and other social media platforms as well as VCU Libraries digital collections. I understand that I (or the author/copyright holder) retain the copyright for all content and am free to reuse the content elsewhere as I (or they) deem appropriate. I affirm that the work I am submitting is suitable for the public posting and display I am authorizing below, and will not infringe copyrights or privacy of others persons or entities. If I am not the author and copyright holder in the work, I affirm that I have permission to provide the authorizations below. The rights to posting, display, and publicity of the submitted materials that I am granting are for the following period:
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