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Haney Hayes Promotions is just budding but we're sure it will blossom into a beautiful flower soon enough. We're always looking for input from those in the book community and welcome every suggestion. There's just not enough hours in the day for us to do it alone. We love doing what we do but having a team helps things go smoother. To help us see where you will fit best, please fill out the form. This is an unpaid position, however, there is an incentive program.

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By joining Haney Hayes Promotions, you legally agree to abide by this contract. All books, non-published work, along with anything else an Author shares with HHP is completely confidential and for your eyes and the HHP team’s ONLY! All work is copy-written by the Authors and shall not be shared without their permission in any way. Any violation of this agreement will result in legal action against your person and anyone else involved.
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