Get Ready with Us! MAY 2nd 4pm CST
Hosts: Harpielily and her sister!

HEY YOU! So you wanna join in some silly antics in front of your phone/computer because you miss those cons that were cancelled, but also just wanna hang out with makeup or props in front of you? LET'S HANGOUT, YO!!

It's a free as you come kind of event, but the focus is just a hangout time with @Harpielily as she puts on cosplay and talk about whatever! (god knows how long this will be so uhhh don't feel obligated to stay the whole time LOL) Get out your favorite cosplay, bring your makeup game, and maybe a drink or two because we all gonna have a time!

We're collecting info to see who all will be interested so we can prepare an account to accommodate you all!

But for safety sake, we'll limit this to like 25 people (I'd be amazed if that many of yall wanna come wow).

- Be nice and respectful!
- Introduce yourself when you enter chat so we all know who you are! :>
- I swear a lot so... yeah-- prepare for that--

Please write down the email you're going to use for google hangouts and future information below!
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What's your instagram or twitter? (because I know yall don't use the same thing for your emails lol)
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