The City of Durham Green Business Award is a new initiative by the Parish Council to celebrate and promote local businesses that are making positive changes for the environment. Complete this questionnaire and be in with a shot of winning £1,000 and being named "Durham City's greenest business of 2023". 

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What is the name and address of your business? *

If applicable, tell us more about what you do to save electricity and to use more renewable energy… (Examples: Are you with a 100% renewable energy provider that invests in building green capacity? (e.g. GE UK, Good Energy, Ecotricity, Octopus energy).

Do you have an active strategy in place to reduce your electricity usage? Do you use renewable energy source such as solar panels?)


If applicable, tell us about what you do to reduce your heating bills and CO2 emissions…(Examples:  Have you reduced room temperature recently? Have you insulated your premises or are you planning to? Have you switched to air source heat pump to heat your premises?)


Tell us more about the products you use and your suppliers and how eco-friendly they and you are….(Examples: In your business facilities, do you purchase ethical, eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free products? (eg. eco-toilet paper, recycled office paper, eco-friendly refill products such as soap, cleaning products or washing up liquid or fair-trade coffee).

Have you asked your suppliers to minimise the carbon footprint of those items? Or have you looked into more eco-friendly local alternatives?

Give details about what you have done to reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain or if you have swapped a supplier for an eco-friendlier one.)

Tell us about how you are reducing unnecessary waste in the City and how frequently your processes are reviewed….(Examples: Do you have a dedicated bin for your general recycling? (e.g. paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium). What do you recycle?

Do you send your electrical equipment, ink cartridges, batteries and other special waste for recycling?

Do you educate your staff on waste reduction?)

Tell us about how you are reducing carbon emissions through different transport schemes….(Examples: Do you encourage staff to cycle/ walk to and from work or for local meetings, or other eco-friendlier alternatives such as using public transport or a car sharing scheme?

Is your delivery method low carbon? (e.g. by bicycle, foot, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, DPD or by electric/hybrid car)


Let us know about any other initiatives you are involved with to reduce emissions and tackle climate change…(Examples: Do you have a 'Green Strategy' for the business and is this communicated with staff and customers?

Do you have any involvement with local environmental groups or partake in any environmental volunteering or is your business a not-for-profit that prioritizes environmental issues?

Please tell us about any other environmentally friendly/climate change mitigation practices, products or services your business provides that we might not have captured in the previous questions.)


(OPTIONAL) Tell us more about what we can do to support you becoming a greener business…. (Examples: What concrete green improvement would you like to make to your business but feel you cannot? Do you feel you are lacking information or training, e.g., how to save energy or how to insulate your property or government programmes or on potential sources for grants?)

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