Science Night Survey
Ardmore PTSA needs your family input for our Science Night/Fair. Please complete this short survey to help us design the event! (your answers will be anonymous).
Would you like to see individual, partner or class projects? Check all apply. (PTSA will continue to look at ways to support this component if we have enough Parent Volunteers) *
Would you like to have science experiences the whole family can participate in? This includes experiences like examining pond water under digital microscopes, participating in Engineering design challenges, and/or connecting with scientist in our community. *
If you attended last year’s Science Night, please provide satisfaction level feedback on the following:
1 = Very disatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Types of Activities
Time to view projects
Time for Science Activities
If you attended last year, please share with us a memorable moment or key take-aways from the event: (optional)
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Volunteers make it all happen! One hour of your time helps in so many ways; from helping students with their questions and projects, to helping set-up. Please indicate all ways in which you can support. (Y or N). If you *think* you can help but aren't sure, please put Yes :-). If you respond yes, please provide your name and contact info below. *
Helping with science projects during recess or school day
Help setting up the night before the event
Help setting up 1 hour before the event @ 5pm the day of (approximately)
Help with Clean-up 1 hour after the event @ 7:30-8:30 (approximately)
Other (please specify below)
If you specified "other" under ways to support, please explain below.
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Any overall feedback for the event?
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Name (for volunteers to complete)
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Contact info (for volunteers to complete)
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