2018 MLS Fantasy Boss Prize Eligibility
For those of you who have been around for a while, you know that I have my hand in a lot of MLS Fantasy Projects. This year, I've decided to make things easy by combining my prize eligibility requirements into 1 list.

So! If you are interested in taking part in any of the 2018 MLS Fantasy Leagues that are part of the MLS Fantasy Boss Network, then this is your first step. In the past it has been hard to track down the winners. This signup will allow me to more easily contact the winners of league prizes.

Leagues Include
- MLS Fantasy Boss Official League
- rFantasyMLS Official League
- MLSFI Patreon Seasonal League (Additional Eligibility Rules Apply)

You must enter your contact information on this form to be eligible to win a prize in the MLSFB Official and r/FantasyMLS Official leagues. If you wish to enter the MLSFI Patreon league, you must become a Patreon supporter at https://www.patreon.com/MLSFI

Winners will be determined by the standings at the end of MLS Fantasy Spring and Fall seasons.

Prizes will go to the Top 3 point earners in each league.

If a player qualifies for a prize in multiple leagues, they will receive the larger of the two prizes and the other prize will be awarded to the next eligible player.

Prize winners will be given 1 week to respond to the notification e-mail to claim their prize. If no response is received, the prize will be awarded to the next eligible player.

The same player WILL BE eligible to win a prize in both the Spring and Fall seasons.

1st Place = $50 MLS Gift Card
2nd Place = $25 MLS Gift Card
3rd Place = $10 MLS Gift Card

Questions about the league or prizes should be sent to: MLSFantasyBoss@gmail.com
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