Code Red Advocacy Program
Whether you are interested in providing free feminine products on campus, or advocating for the end of the tampon tax, we are here to help you, help you! Through our Advocacy toolkit we hope to aid students in navigating the possible avenues for accomplishing their respective goals and provides a variety of information about the economical, ecological and health benefits of investing in sustainable and organic sanitary products. Take part in the movement that is taking college campuses by storm and we hope you are inspired to join the movement for free periods!

What does being an Advocate entail:
Bi-Weekly supervision meetings via skype or in person (depending on location)
Bi-weekly email updates

All Advocates receive free Code Red Merchandise
All Advocates get to be interviewed for The Red Thread

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Why is being an advocate important to you and how do you hope to free menstrual products on your campus?
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*Terms: (1) All advocates must record their progress and update us bi-weekly (2) All advocates must be able to Skype monthly to keep Code Red updated on their achievements and goals *
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