Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops
Now enrolling for the Fall 2020 session!

Welcome to Inlandia Institute's Creative Writing Workshops Program, the pandemic edition.

We will be continuing our signature workshops series on Zoom or other virtual platforms for the foreseeable future. Some of the workshops will have a focus this time around. As such, if you're interested in trying out a different or focused workshop, now would be a good time since there are no commutes or parking issues.


- We're sorry to note that Jessica Carrillo will not be returning to lead a Colton-based workshop at this time.

- Jo Scott-Coe is also taking a break to work on a new book.


New this year:

- We'll be offering periodic "write ins" with the different instructors! These will be one hour each, and occur on a semi-regular schedule once the workshops get rolling.


- James Ducat will again be leading the Redlands-based workshop. This workshop will focus on poetry and is tailored for writers who have at least some experience with writing poetry.

- Tim Hatch will again be leading the Ontario Library-based workshop. This workshop is open to all genres, has a larger component of critique, and as such is geared for more intermediate to advanced writers.

- Allyson Jeffredo will be returning to lead the San Bernardino Library-based workshop and is open to all genres and geared for beginning to intermediate writers.

- Andrea Fingerson will again be leading the Corona Library-based workshop. Open to all genres but leaning more toward prose. For writers of all skill levels.

- CelenaDiana and Mae Wagner will again be leading their senior-center based workshops. Both meet weekly year-round and are open to all genres.

- Dr. Carlos Cortes will be taking over the Riverside library-based workshop this year. His workshop will be focused on using a chronology of your life to jump start writing projects. It is part of the Riverside Public Library's new Humanities Hour offerings. It is open to all genres and all levels. *Please note that the usual Thursday meeting date for Riverside has been moved to Wednesdays.*



We are NOT capping enrollment at this time unless we have overwhelming demand for one particular workshop that prevents that workshop from being effective, in which case we will reach out on a case by case basis.

Attendance is not mandatory, but please be courteous and let us know if you find that you will not be able to attend one or more workshop meeting.

All workshops are open to the public but registration is required. Once the workshop has begun, new participants will be accepted only at the discretion of the workshop leader and Inlandia staff.

By registering for an Inlandia workshop you are entitled to submit work for inclusion in the annual Writing from Inlandia anthology. We encourage you to do so! We also have an online literary journal,, and hope you will peruse that and submit when you can. There will also be other opportunities throughout the year.


Inlandia's Creative Writing Workshops are FREE but a donation toward the workshops program is appreciated. Donations are accepted via PayPal or snail mail or directly to the Inlandia Institute office only.

- To donate via PayPal visit and choose "send money" to donations (at) inlandiainstitute (dot) org.

- To mail donations: Inlandia Institute • 4178 Chestnut Street • Riverside, California 92501

We are not accepting hand-delivered donations at this time.

Please remember: Donations are optional! Support comes in many forms. Thank you for supporting the Inlandia Institute!


Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops Code of Conduct

1.) Always be respectful and considerate of everyone’s time and talent.

2.) When critiquing others’ work, be compassionate, concise, and helpful; wherever possible, use direct examples rather than vague generalizations.

3.) When arriving and departing the workshop, especially through Zoom, be prompt, and be courteous to other speakers.

4.) These seasonal workshops (fall, winter, and spring) each meet for five meeting times over any ten-week seasonal session. Please try to attend each one. If you can’t make it, or if at any time you wish to drop the workshop, please notify your workshop leader or the Inlandia Institute at 951 790 2458.

5.) If you have any questions or concerns, including about technology or support, please call Cati Porter at the above number or email

Thank you, and enjoy the workshop!
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