AfriAlliance Call for Ideas: long term knowledge gaps related to water & climate in Africa

African countries are expected to be affected most by Climate Change, particularly from changing rainfall patterns and therefore the quantity and quality of water resources. Many of these countries require a strengthened knowledge base to effectively manage water resources and have limited access to technologies, services and products that could meet societal needs. In this context, the AfriAlliance project aims to support African stakeholders in addressing their current challenges to achieve sustainable and equitable water management and to be more prepared to deal with the additional challenges that Climate Change brings.

In the long term, what kind of knowledge base is required to strengthen the preparedness of the water sector in Africa in the context of climate change?

AfriAlliance invites stakeholders, within and outside Africa, to help shape the AfriAlliance Strategic Research & Innovation Advice for water and climate in Africa in order to strengthen the preparedness of the water sector in Africa to adapt to Climate change.

The aim of the Strategic R&I Advice is to provide insight into what research, innovation and new knowledge are required to strengthen the preparedness of the water sector in Africa for water-related challenges arising from climate change.

AfriAlliance will regularly updated is Strategic R&I Advice based on the inputs received via this survey.

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