Project Bridge "Gong Show" at Ratio Beerworks, Jan. 27th
Its that time of year again... Time for the Sci Comm Gong Show! We'll be returning to Ratio Beerworks on January 27th at 3pm for an afternoon of lay-friendly interactive science talks .

***Speakers will get a free beer from Ratio!***

Secret celebrity guests maybe!

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If you haven't joined us for a Gong Show before, here is what to expect...

Our goal is to connect Colorado scientists with community members so that they can learn about the amazing research being conducted in our state. This event is also an excellent opportunity for researchers to practice their broad communication skills.

To do this, we encourage scientists to give a short elevator pitch that succinctly describes what they do. If s/he uses too much jargon, goes off on a tangent, or the audience gets bored, listeners can "gong" the presenter with provided noise makers!

If you are "gonged": Don't panic! You won't get pulled off stage by a hook; you will just have to stop and explain more clearly.

- Present your research to non-scientists in a way that is exciting and educational.
- 3 minute presentations
- No slides (but props encouraged... ie machetes, bacterial plush toys, etc)
- Jargon/technical language is ok as long as it is necessary and you define it well.


- Start with a good hook ("Do you breathe?")
- Give people a cool fact or two to share with their friends later ("80 years of breathing is ~672,768,000 breaths!).
- Tell people who you are and why you are passionate about this topic ("I like breathing!")
- Talk about your work's impact on Colorado ("People in Colorado also like breathing!")
- Lead with the outcome/goal and focus on that ("I'm going to make breathing better for all of humanity!")

If you are interested in what an AWESOME talk looks like, watch our host with the most, Frank, give his talk on bacteria at war:

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