2019 Fulbright Process for 2020-21 Placement
----- Apply in fall of 2019 for 2020-2021 placement -----

This form is for Hope College graduates and for currently enrolled students who expect to graduate by Summer 2020 at the latest.

You will be able to change the names of your reference-letter writers later if needed. This will be easier if you SAVE the e-mail confirmation you receive when you submit this form; however, you can also make changes by resubmitting the form.
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E-mails for THREE faculty referees:
Please list the E-MAIL ADDRESSES of three faculty referees whom you believe could speak to your qualifications for this award. This is a preliminary list; your potential referees will NOT be contacted at this point, and you can change the names later (please save the e-mail confirmation that you receive to facilitate later changes). One of the campus Fulbright advisors will speak to you about your plans before you contact your referees. Typically, referees will be Hope College faculty or other college-level academics who know you well.
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You are encouraged to provide a fourth e-mail in the event that one of your first three are unable to write a letter on your behalf.
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If you have your degree, please write "alum"; otherwise, indicate your anticipated graduation date, e.g., 2018 Dec or 2019 May, etc. -- please enter the YEAR first!
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