Apply today to build your skills and knowledge -- while getting paid!

We are delighted to announce our search for three superstar interns to join Team SWUP starting in the Winter 2014 NMU school semester.

Save the Wild U.P. is at the forefront of protecting our environment and unique culture while promoting sustainable economies. We're calling for a federal corruption investigation of state mining regulators, tracking new mining developments, educating the public on the hazards of sulfide mining -- and hosting free hikes, picnics, concerts and more to celebrate the wonderful wild U.P.!We work with each individual intern to shape a dynamic program based on their interests and skills they would like to develop. From blogging to GIS mapping, tweeting to reaching out to new people about the hazards of sulfide mining, from database design to grassroots doorknocking, we will build a project with you that will help you bolster your skills while giving back to your community.

Apply to join our team! We'll have regular roundtable presentations on sulfide mining in the U.P. -- and what can be done about it -- featuring local and regional leaders.

And -- we're happy to provide a $500 stipend to interns for this internship and will work with your university advisor or professor to ensure credit.

Before you apply, tool around at to get a better sense of what we do. And feel free to ask questions by writing or calling (906) 662-9987.

We welcome diversity -- Save the Wild U.P. is proud to be an equal-opportunity organization.

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