Ask Me Anything: Real Estate Investing Abroad v1

I have started a questionnaire with the goal to help people around addressing questions or doubts one might have on real estate investment. My buddies and I always geek out on real estate investing, and we think it’d be a great idea to share what we have in the pocket and pick each other’s brains, too!

By joining this group, you can let us know more about yourself or any possible queries within real estate investing. All user’s questions will be kept anonymous and private. In return, we will reach out to the community and find the right experts to answer your questions. And, it’s totally free! We will regularly inform the community about the questions and answers we have collected.

We hope you find this helpful as my team, Denzity, has an online real estate forum in the works. We are planning to launch it in a couple of months to allow more people to learn about real estate abroad together!

- Darren & Denzity Team
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