Pine Meadow Ranch Owner Survey
Please answer each applicable question to help inform the HOA board in making future decisions for the Ranch.
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I own an undeveloped lot on the ranch
I would like to see more public amenities such as a park or playground on the ranch.
What specific amenities would you like the HOA to sponsor?
What activities do you enjoy on the ranch?
Should the HOA be responsible for plowing roads beyond the main entrance road and emergency exit route in the winter?
I have visited the Pine Meadow Ranch HOA website in the last 6 months. (
Did you find the website easy to navigate?
Do you have any suggestions to improve the website?
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Have you been in contact with your HOA elected Area Representative within the last 6 months?
Are you satisfied with the maintenance of the HOA roads?
If no, please explain:
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Are there any concerns or issues that you would like the HOA to address? (please note that the HOA may not have the jurisdiction or authority over all issues or concerns)
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Any other comments or concerns?
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